ADHD Success Kit

Everything you need to help your child thrive.
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Practical and Effective

Built from decades of Dr. Jim Poole's pediatric experience helping thousands of moms successfully address their child's challenges while leveraging their unique strengths.

What's Included?


30+ Video Walkthrough

Hear directly from Dr. Jim through a series of personal videos that are designed to help you further understand ADHD and inspire you and your child on the journey to success.


Flipping ADHD On Its Head

Dr. Jim's book, Flipping ADHD On It's Head: How to Turn Your Child's "Disability" into their Greatest Strength, is the cornerstone to the program.

This is the why and how to leverage your child's unique strengths, covering parenting strategies, study skills, nutrition, exercise, sleep, medication, and more. The approach is strength-based, uplifting, and empowering.


Parent Workbook

We understand that parenting an ADHD child is overwhelming. This Parent Workbook helps you implement the strategies found in Flipping ADHD On Its Head in a chapter by chapter manner. Over 50 helpful activities, tools, and resources!

FastBraiin workbook 3D cover

90-Day Focus Planner

Designed specifically for the ADHD child, this planner builds executive function, organizational skills, healthy habits, and goal setting while promoting confidence and increasing grades.


Ready For Your Child to Thrive?

On Sale $69.95 (Reg. $109)


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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that your child's self-esteem will increase, their grades will go up, and more peace will be in the home. But if you are not completely satisfied in the next 30 days, let us know and we will give you a full refund.